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Brumbies Junior Rugby League Football Club

About Us

Welcome to the Baulkham Hills Brumbies Junior Rugby League Football Club. The Brumbies club was established over 25 years ago to provide children aged between 4 to 12 with an exciting opportunity to play Tackle Rugby League as well as 10 – 16 Girls League Tag. The Brumbies are committed to fostering a love for the sport in a safe and enjoyable family friendly environment.

Values That Define Us

Baulkham Hills Brumbies prioritise values that extend beyond the field. Our leagues are designed to instill sportsmanship, fair play, and safety. Emphasising a fun and secure learning environment, we focus on developing the skills and tactical understanding of Rugby League.

Our Home Ground

Nestled in the heart of Hills, our home ground is at Castlewood Reserve on Castlewood Drive, Castle Hill. This location is our training ground and serves as the backdrop for our Sunday fixtures, where the cheers and camaraderie of our footy community come alive.

Diverse Opportunities for All Ages

At Baulkham Hills Brumbies, we believe in inclusivity and providing diverse opportunities for all. On Sundays, our club buzzes with the energy of Rugby League for children aged 4 to 12. Additionally, we proudly host Girls-only Tag League for U10’s through to Under 16’s, encouraging skill development and teamwork.

Introduction to Rugby League

We understand the importance of a gradual introduction to the sport. Our club is a steppingstone into the world of Rugby League, offering Mini and Modified League, along with League Tag. These variations mirror the adult form of the game and are carefully adapted to suit the players’ stage of life, physical capability, health status, skill level, and experience.

Player Development Framework

Ensuring the ongoing safety and development of our players is paramount. We have adopted the Player Development Framework presented by the NRL. This framework includes strategic measures such as U6’s exclusively playing League Tag, U7’s participating in the Tackle Ready Program before commencing Tackle league, and adherence to regulations regarding the size of the ball, playing area, game duration, and field player numbers.

Trained and Accredited Staff

Our commitment to excellence extends to our coaching staff, trainers, and officials. All members of our team are WWCC verified and undergo training and accreditation provided by NRL Game Day Development Officers, ensuring they are well-equipped to guide and support players in the appropriate age groups.

We encourage you to join us at Baulkham Hills Brumbies Junior Rugby League Football Club, where we celebrate the spirit of the game and nurture the champions of tomorrow. Together, let’s build a legacy of community culture, teamwork, skill, and sportsmanship, on and off the field.

"My son has learnt the basics of rugby league and had a great timing with his friends. Great club and we always feel welcome at the Brumbies."

“Since joining the Baulkham Hills Brumbies my family were immediately welcomed into this amazing community. Each season we witness the children thrive in a very supportive development system and a great team environment, encouraged to be their best at all levels. The Brumbies is much more than a football club...it is more like family to us”
- Frank Puletua

"They say It takes a village to raise a child. the Brumbies are like a little rugby league village that support our kids development in a holistic way that makes them better people through the values we teach. We try to be more than just a club and more like a community that supports each other. But it’s not just for the kids. The club promotes involvement from our parents and a welcome environment. The result being that the parents have just as much fun as the kids.”




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